Vanilla Ice booted off “Dancing With The Stars,” returns to busy touring and house-flipping stardom


Well, phooey.

Wellington’s own Rob “Vanilla Ice” Van Winkle and partner Witney Carson were sent home from “Dancing With The Stars” Tuesday night, along with fellow ’90s luminary Babyface. His voting-off follows his highest scores ever, for a Cirque du Soleil-themed Viennese waltz, in which he dressed as a solemn-faced clown (I find myself writing a lot about clowns lately.) Ice was super gracious about his dismissal, his time on the show and his partner, probably because the show has given his already high profile a major network bump, and because he’s probably got five shows scheduled, like, tomorrow (his touring schedule seems to have been eating into his dance rehearsal time.) I’ll miss him, because he was an earnest 40-something tackling something new, and us olds need to do that every once in a while, right?

So enjoy this. It’s the last we’ll see of Vanilla Ice until his next DIY Network show, which probably begins next week.


“Dancing With The Stars”: Vanilla Ice’s chances at winning the mirror ball trophy


As Season 23 of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” begins, and we prepare for the dance-spirations of the usual collection of retired athletes, reality show stars,  various randos and recent Olympic champions who are obvious ringers and really shouldn’t be allowed to compete, America wonders about the chances of a 90s rapper turned television house rehabbers.

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Well, at least the part of America that lives in Palm Beach County and loves Vanilla Ice. And enjoys 90s rappers. And high top fades. And the DIY Network. (Also putting the rag top down so your hair can blow.)

So, what is the possibility that Wellington’s Rob Van Winkle, of “The Vanilla Ice Project” and “Ice Ice Baby” fame, could dance away with that mirror ball trophy? Honestly, it’s hard to say. There have been dancetestants that seemed sure things but came off like robots, like Olympian Lolo Jones, and seemingly middle-aged also-rans like comedian Bill Engvall who became not only audience favorites but legitimately better dancers.

Ice is – or at least was – known for his dance moves (see below) – but he admitted recently that at 48, they’ve gotten “rusty.” Then again, he is currently touring, so he’s still actively out there moving, and as he demonstrated on “Good Morning America” recently, he’s still enthusiastically attacking challenges. Of course, the Running Man isn’t a ballroom dance, so after the obligatory “Ice Ice Baby” freestyle, the Paso Doble looms, and I’m not sure how that goes with “Ninja Rap.”

Ice himself told me that he believes Olympians Laurie Hernandez and Ryan Lochte are going to be competitive, and since gymnasts like Hernandez have dance training, I expect her to win, honestly. I also worry about Marilu Henner, who claims she hasn’t had dance lessons since before Hernandez was born but is paired with pro and frequent winner Derek Hough, so she’s probably a ringer. Still, nobody expected Vanilla Ice to have a second career as Rappin’ Bob Vila, either. So we’ll see. My predictions – somewhere in the top five?

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Vanilla Ice joins “Dancing With The Stars,” will dance, collaborate and listen

20160311 burt vanilla 06

Since Vanilla Ice has eleventy-three of his own reality shows, it’s high time he makes another appearance on someone else’s. The Wellington rapper/house flipper/ninja about town will be paired with professional dancer Witney Carson for the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars,” airing Monday, Sept. 12.

We know that Ice can dance, of course, because of this.

So how many episodes until he does this? I’m thinking it’s his first dance. I’m not putting money on it or anything. But it’s a guess.

Other exciting additions: Babyface, who wrote every song written between 1988-1999; Ryan Lochte, because Ryan Lochte; Marilu Henner, who must be good because she’s with Derek Hough and he only gets ringers, and RICK PERRY, because I have no idea why a former Texas governor is on this show but wouldn’t it be awesome if he were good? Like older man sexy beast good? WHY DO I NOW NEED RICK PERRY TO BE A SEXY BEAST OLDER MAN DANCER?


Lose weight working out in a bubble? Meet Figurella


There was a group in the ’80s called Living In A Box, whose big song was “Living In A Box,” from the album “Living In A Box.” I don’t remember a lot about it, other that the chorus went “I’ma living in a box, I’ma living in a cardboard box,” which to this day I like to sometimes sing at random during awkward silences, because I’m goofy and need more hobbies.

I also know that the song randomly popped into my head during my introduction to the Figurella method, a workout based in Italy where you do Pilates-like exercises in a plastic bubble. I kept singing “I’ma working in a bubble, I’ma working in a plastic bubble,” which was probably only amusing to me. The workout, fortunately, was more clever, and seemed to be a lot more effective than my bad attempts at songwriting.

Read more about it here. And enjoy Living in a Box, by Living in a Box, from the album Living In A Box, because someone should.


SunFest 2016: Andy Grammer plays radio show before SunFest set

He’s set to play SunFest Sunday afternoon, but Andy Grammer, of “Honey I’m Good” fame, played a brief set at the iHeartRadio Theater in West Palm Beach before that, to meet and greet fans and answer questions. Among the interesting tidbits he spilled: That he has a hard time choosing whether to go see his wife or his dog when he comes home off tour; that his “Dancing With The Stars” experience was enriched by his varsity sports background, and that “Honey I’m Good,” about refusing a drunken bar hook-up to honor your true love, “could have been written about Florida” with its myriad of drunken hook-up opportunities. He’s charming. Looking forward to seeing more.

Andy Grammer.
Andy Grammer.

Boca Raton’s Ariana Grande’s sweet cursing slip and more on “Saturday Night Live”

Ariana Grande

As my grandmother and the old guys in the audience at the Sexual Chocolate performance in “Coming To America” might say, “That girl can sing!”

Yes, Boca Raton’s Ariana Grande showed up on “Saturday Night Live” as both the host and musical guest, because as the former Nickelodeon kid star pointed out, she grew up on television. She’s also super cute, has a voice bigger than her ponytail, and seemed completely at home in both sketch comedy and in her musical numbers. Let’s be honest – the majority of her sketches WERE musical numbers, or at least partially, because what would be the point if they weren’t? Here are her five most notable and now viral moments:

  • Her monologue, in which she not only referenced the moment last year when she “licked a donut (I) didn’t pay for” and earnestly sang about wanting to have a real scandal to put her over the top (I love that she dismissed her actual real scandal as dumb with just a wave like “Oh, please, y’all.) In that song, she apparently missed a word and sang “Oh, s—” and then kept singing. It was so smooth you barely noticed. I mean, you noticed, but it was almost sweet like “Oops! I gotta keep being adorable!”
  • The Tidal skit, where Ariana played a talented intern whose musical impressions keep the streaming service going, was obviously just a ploy to include all of her impressions, including her crack Celine Dion, complete with enthusiastic French exclamations and hand motions. Dumb sketch. But she then got to sing “I Will Always Love You.”
  • As a Nickelodeon veteran, she poked a little fun not only at the inanity of the “Kids Choice Awards” but the brain-dead randoms who host the red carpets on such events who have no talent other than throwing to the camera…and what happens when that doesn’t work and they’re stuck having to vamp on live TV.  Also, points for playing a character named Bynlee, because of course her name was Brynlee.
  • Internet outrage is fun, and also dumb – There seemed to be some kerfluffle about whether Grande was having a wardrobe malfunction during her “Dangerous Woman” number because she took off one sleeve of her black jacket and let the other one hang on her microphone as she sang. This bothered some people. I have no clue why. “Is this a thing?” some wondered? Who knows? Are y’all really that pressed about it?
  • My favorite was her sassy take on Sister Maria from “The Sound of Music,” who runs up on the older nuns singing “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria” and confronts them for talking about her behind her back. “Why are y’all coming for me?” she asks. I’ve always wondered. And then later in the movie version, they sing that song AT HER WEDDING. Why are you singing about me being a problem at my own wedding? Can’t a sister get married without nuns being shady at her?